Year  2014 - 2015

Project  Yahoo Smart Guide

Role  Art direction, UX & Visual Design



Goal of the project

Yahoo Smart Guide was to be the 2nd generation design of the Yahoo Connected TV platform. The goal of Yahoo Smart Guide was to design an experience that allowed the user to jump right into finding and consuming content with as little friction as possible. We wanted the ability to surface content and design a simple entry point into exploring and searching content that could be accessed and played via Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube TV apps  – apps that ran on the YCTV platform.

My role

I was the UX Lead as well as Visual Design Lead. I also worked very closely managing a motion designer to created some of the grid animations and UI transitions.v


Motion design was important to me with the design of Smart Guide. I wanted scrolling/navigating behaviors that hadn't been seen in interactive TV before. The world of flat design had begun transforming the industry, so I wanted to consider the trends of that movement as well. I thought I could differentiate the UX by creating subtle magnification (on focus) as well as cascading reveals of content tiles. I wanted to use light in a more "spotlighty" and playful way, when content took focus as a result of user-interaction. Notice the subtle magnification and spotlight/shadow effect in the video above.  


The Smart Guide prototype tested quite well in the usability lab and had proven to be a desirable upgrade in contrast to our first-gen design and experience.