Year: 2017

Project: LG Hamper

Goal of the project:

Create a solution for managing laundry duties that enable the primary user to conduct and delegate laundry chores (across a household of individual) in a time-efficient and energy-conscious manner.

My role:

Design Lead. I worked with a project manager and industrial designer who devised this smart hamper product idea. My role was to lead the development of the UX, Visual Design, and branding of the hamper's corresponding connected laundry App.


   • UX Lead

   • Visual UI Lead

   • Motion Design

   • Branding


I proposed a usability effort that gave a single user the primary management of the overall household laundry duty. My proposal allowed the user to delegate laundry chores to other family members. Delegation was via SMS within the app. "Child" users could confirm chores and act upon them which would result in a status alert to the "parent" user assuring the chore is being acted on as well as the current state of the chore (Washing, Drying, time remaining, etc.).

I designed a dashboard as the first view the parent user would see. The dashboard gave a quantified view of how much time it will take to do laundry, what kinds of household laundry were ready, and/or what laundry types can be combined with others in order to complete.


The smart hamper project was eventually shelved as higher priority projects took focus. That's the nature of an LG innovation lab. Not a lot sees the light of day.