Year  2015

Project  LG Shotgun 



Goal of the project

Transform older ("dumb") cars into modern ("smart") cars while creating a safe, informed, incentivized, and hands-free experience for existing drivers and parents of new drivers.

My role

Product Creator and Design Lead. I devised and pitched this product idea to LG execs as part of an innovative product design initiative to bring new products to various markets.


   • UX Lead

   • Visual UI & Motion Design Lead

   • Branding

   • Prototyping

   • Market Research


In order to give the user/driver, and/or parents of the driver information pertaining to their vehicle performance and driving behaviors, I decided to utilize the common OBD-II port found on cars manufactured after year 1996, when OBD-II port was mandated by US law.

The OBD-II dongle would communicate to the driver's (and parent's) mobile devices the relevant data pertaining to the mechanics of the vehicle, driving behaviors, roadside and emergency assistance, as well as trouble-shooting and suggesting fixes for mechanical issues.

How to engage young drivers to drive responsibly? Incentivize them through a point system that rewards them with "roadside" perks and prizes (discounted gas/oil, car washes, fast food, etc.), based on safe driving data achievements.


The project was initially funded and introduced to project management stakeholders and small design team. My initial idea morphed significantly into a HUD product that allowed for the driver to remain connected to their mobile device via heads-up display equipped with voice and gesture navigation.

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