Goal of the project

Yahoo! Sports wanted to increase the engagement of their MLB Matchup statistics by implementing a simplistic interactive Matchup app into the Yahoo! Connected TV platform for baseball enthusiasts. The Matchup app synced with the MLB data coming in in real game time from Yahoo! Sports and presented interactively via the MLB Matchup Connected TV app.

My role

With a defined PRD from the Y! Sports team, I created and refined UX wireframes, aesthetic direction, interactive prototypes, and final production assets and pixel-perfect design specs to support the engineering effort. v

Year  2014

Project  Yahoo MLB Matchup App 

Role  UX & Visual Design




The Y! Sports team wanted to inundate the viewable (TV) space with as much matchup data as possible.  I researched what the most popular MLB stats were that fans wanted to see most by conducting interviews with baseball fans around the office and Yahoo campus. I concluded that a certain set of stats were most important. I proposed to the Y! Sports team a smaller set of stats in an effort to keep the information displayed on screen as most relevant to the user while being easily digestible and simple to consume in a lean back experience. I also proposed three states of expandable interactions that would reveal stats in three states – least, more, and most relevant stats.


The Matchup App launched on time for the 2014 MLB season with increased user-engagement analytics confirmed from one game to the next.

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Visual Design