Year  2017

Project  LG LIFE Treadmill



Goal of the project

Design a live and VOD fitness experience that would incentivize and engage the user to maintain a healthy lifestyle from home or in participating fitness studios and gyms.

My role

UX and Visual Design Lead. I created an experience based on Live streaming classes and VOD. I also spent a small amount of time on the branding of the product of which I called 'LIFE'.


   • UX Lead

   • Visual UI Lead

   • Motion Design

   • Branding


How to engage the user in a live or beautiful VOD running experience? Introduce streaming capabilities of live fitness instructors and running classes into the product as well as interactive VOD running environments such as nature trails and popular geographic destinations.

Gamification and incentive. Integrate modes of gamification that would reward the user with achievements, points, and coupons to be redeemed and exchanged for goods at relevant (partnered) retail outlets (Health food, sporting goods, spas, hotels).


LIFE Treadmill was prototyped using a live/streaming fitness instructor and was demo'ed and pitched to Marriott Hotels in an effort to increase the attendance of Marriott gyms.


I wanted the experience to feel as though you were in the same room, or workout studio, as your instructor, or, if engaging in remote exercise with a friend, to feel and sound as though the both of you are jogging or walking side-by-side amongst nature or along a bustling city route or landmark.

The original idea was to use an LG 4k display panel rotated vertically, so as to have the virtual path that you're jogging or hiking on feel as immersive and as real as possible. The speed at which the video stream would play would be variable, depending on the speed in which the user wants to run.


I thought about gamifying the experience too. Imagine, if your device is connected and you have the ability to run with others, then certainly you can have fun doing it by gamifying the experience. It's totally possible to play 'Capture The Flag' in a virtual environment, or hide and seek. You could set out to collect power-ups, trophies, and even set booby traps (think Mario banana peels) that would doc the time of other opponents if they happen to hit one...all the while getting excercise and benefitting the well-being of one's self.


Click the User Flow button to see the initial experience concept for Life Treadmill.  


For a product as innovative as LG Life Treadmill the visual language of the UI needed to be just as strong. Being an avid fitness participant myself, I didn't need to look any further than my own gym to see and experience what was mainstream in the fitness market place. And wow! I concluded that there had not been any love given to the UI design of these machines in 20 years!

Original Visual Explorations

Final Design

Motion Design

The following video shows a delightful transition from the run summary screen to the My Life screen – where the user can see data for that run, or runs for that day, or runs that week, month, etc.. I would change a few things about the visual design of the the Run Summary screen (spacing and softer corners on the reward tiles), and maybe present only the top three runners horizontally across the top of the screen and with special animated "winner" flourishes to create charm and evoke emotion around achievement, progress, and encouragement.

Motion Design / Gamification

Gamifying the Experience

I created this delightful yet brief video to show what a gamified "running" environment could look like. I've a lot of awesome and crazy ideas around this concept! My ideas for a gamified treadmill experience tend to resonate with anyone who hears them. They want this! I want this! And I'm not even a huge gamer – more of a fitness enthusiast. The potential for combining EA-quality games with fitness is very compelling, especially with companies like Peloton and Tonal, who seem to care deeply about innovative user-experiences and high quality immersive design. It also sounds insanely expensive!