Year  2013

Project  Yahoo! Fantasy Football TV App

Goal of the project

The goal of this project was to provide a lean-back TV experience where participants could access their Yahoo! FF team(s) information and scores while watching a live game.

My role

I created the user flow/UX wireframes and visual design of the finished app as well as prototypes and motion explorations.


   • UX Design Lead

   • Visual Design Lead

   • Prototyping


I made the decision to give volume and texture to the finished design so that it suited the popular and common aesthetic of rich televised football info-graphics.  I also decided, in an effort to keep the experience simple, to animate the team/player stats in a ticker tape so the viewer can watch their player stats scroll by when significant plays were made, rather than adding interactions to show more stats in other screen views. 


The Fantasy Football TV app successfully launched in time for the 2013 NFL season. User adoption and engagement analytics revealed the FF app as being the most used TV app for the extent of the FF/NFL season.

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Visual Design