Ryan Pressler

California Native 

Lives and works in San Francisco Bay Area




1998  BA - Multimedia Design & Graphic Arts

California State University Hayward




18-19 - Fayble.com

Creative Director

My role as Creative Director for Fayble entailed everything from designing our mobile web app, iOS and Android apps, desktop, and designer and owner of various marketing collaterals for social media. I also lead the design and development of the Fayble brand as well as our 12 team logos and associated branding materials. I managed outside creative resources such as illustrators and video producers to help when I was at capacity.

18-18 - Macys.com

Design Lead for Macy's Homepage

I was part of the 'Search & Discovery' team at Macy's.com. My role entailed evolving the visual look and feel of Macy's.com for desktop. I was also responsible for "you may also like" discovery items across other areas of the website. I redesigned the old hamburger menu system for the mobile web to look, feel, and interactive in an intuitive and delightful way while looking sophisticated and simple.

15-17 - LG Electronics

Product Design Lead

Initially I was responsible for maintaining, designing, and evolving the features of the popular LG WebOS TV platform. After about a year the LG Silicon Valley Lab transitioned to become an Innovation Lab. Thereafter my role took on designing future-thinking innovation products. I lead the visual and interactive design for many home IOT concepts, and new fitness treadmill product and even took part in leading the design for a multi-screen in-vehicle experience. Other responsibilities included doing market research, writing usability specs, storyboarding, and assisting engineers with production and making sure pixel-perfect layout was achieved.

08-15 - Yahoo! Connected TV

Sr. UX Designer

UI designer for Yahoo's Connected TV platform. Responsible for design of popular TV widgets. Notable widgets include: Facebook, Ebay, Amazon, CBS, Yahoo Screen. Also responsible for Smart Info interaction and UI (FOX Sync, Fantasy Football, and MLB Matchup) design. Other projects include design for Yahoo Sports widget on Mac OS X.


06-08 - MobiTV

Sr. UX Designer

Responsible for the MobiTV and MobiRadio user-interfaces. I designed the Mobile TV player for Sprint and the music player for XM Mobile. I was also responsible for a significant in-house project called 'The Club'. The Club was a mobile portal WAP page for A and B-list musicians. The Club was revolutionary in that it was graphically rich, rather than standard header graphic and text links. In addition to my Sr. Visual Design roll at MobiTV, I also managed a junior designer.


00-06 - TiVo

Visual UI Designer

Responsible for maintaining and refreshing legacy UI. I designed new core features and settings and many conceptual ideas for user-research and executive staff. I also designed the popular TiVoToGo app and player for Windows XP.


99 - 00 - DoDots

User-interface Designer

DoDots was desktop widgets (eg. Dashboard) long before desktop widgets became popular on Mac OS. We called them "Dots". I designed the primary "Home Dot" software UI and numerous other popular Dots.




2005 Primetime Emmy Award for Contribution in Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development for MobiTV.


Technical Proficiencies

Visual & Interaction Design

Sketch App

Adobe Photoshop


After Effects


Marketing & Social Media


Story Telling

Responsive Web Design

Keynote/Pitch Deck



Human Proficiencies



Interpersonal Communication

Conflict Resolution


Time Management


Ability to work under pressure





March 19, 2007 - Time Magazine 'Programming Provocateurs'