Year: 2017

Project: LG LIFE Treadmill



Goal of the project:

Design a live and VOD fitness experience that would incentivize and engage the user to maintain a healthy lifestyle from home or in participating fitness studios and gyms.

My role:

UX and Visual Design Lead. I created an experience based on Live streaming classes and VOD. I also spent a small amount of time on the branding of the product of which I called 'LIFE'.


   • UX Lead

   • Visual UI Lead

   • Motion Design

   • Branding


How to engage the user in a live or beautiful VOD running experience? Introduce streaming capabilities of live fitness instructors and running classes into the product as well as interactive VOD running environments such as nature trails and popular geographic destinations.

Gamification and incentive. Integrate modes of gamification that would reward the user with achievements, points, and coupons to be redeemed and exchanged for goods at relevant (partnered) retail outlets (Health food, sporting goods, spas, hotels).


LIFE Treadmill was prototyped using a live/streaming fitness instructor and was demo'ed and pitched to Marriott Hotels in an effort to increase the attendance of Marriott gyms.