My Mission

"The question isn’t what’s next. It’s what isn’t?"

- Anonymous

I design engaging brands coupled with digital experiences that function intuitively, simply, intelligently, and with just the right amount of charm to evoke the emotion of delight in the user. It's the balance of these things that keep a user coming back.

I'm a Visual UI/UX Designer specializing in (but not limited to) consumer product and user-experience design for software applications. I've designed for fortune 500 brands and early stage start-ups alike. I've been part of Emmy Award-winning interactive design teams and products such as TiVo, Yahoo! Connected TV, and MobiTV.

Over the years I've contributed to the design of consumer-based platforms, home IOT, mobile apps, websites, consumer electronics, games and toys.

I take a user-centric approach to design and I'm passionate about building things from the ground up and improving upon existing products. In either case I aim for products to perform their best, both from the perspective of the business and that of the end-user.

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